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Shower With Me

i turned off the light and lit the candle

turned on the water to a temperature your sensitive skin could handle.

i’ve got the playlist singing sweet melodies,

now baby, take a shower with me.

get undressed and explore this water with me.

let me start by soaking your skin.

you tell me all about your day as i wash your face.

i want to hear your laughs as the soap lathers away.

let me wash you up,

rid you of all your grey.

all the way down to your toes,

i want to feel all of you squeaky clean.

i want to massage my hands in all your tense places,

let the stress roll off your body.

i want to lose all my time

in the shower with you.

and when we’re done and finished,

let me dry you off with a towel,

moisturize your skin,

for i know it needs my attention,

and lay you down gently,

caressing your aura as we fall asleep,

peacefully, after sharing intimacy

simply by taking a shower.

Blog Posts Poetry


i hope you sleep well.

i hope you’re okay.

i hope you find peace.

peace of mind, peace of body, peace of soul.

i hope you are loving yourself.

i hope you feel loved.

i hope you know that i love you.

i hope you never feel alone, because i’m always here.

i hope you never worry, because there’s nothing to fear.

i hope you know that your pain won’t last forever, it will all get better.

i hope you’re making it through.

i hope this message finds you well, early in the morning while you eyes lose their sleepy swell.

i love you tremendously, i care about you.

and God will get us through everything, me and you.