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you need space

need us in different spaces

don’t wanna talk, let’s face it

i miss you and all your faces

but you need space

and i’m trying to stay out your face with it

i’m trying to learn to face it

face so sad, frown so low i need face lifts

but i’m trying to give you your space,

so i stay in my separate spaces

Blog Posts Poetry

My Woman

I am a woman that loves a woman.

I am in love with my woman.

So engulfed in the ambiance that my woman gives.

I have the pleasure of loving a strong woman,

a black woman,

a creative woman,

a beautiful woman; inside and out.

My woman amazes me daily.

She keeps me going,

she encourages me

and she has brought me a love that I’ve never known;

a love that I wish to have and to hold forever.

If I could, I’d always be with her,

physically all up under her.

I want to embrace every part of my woman

because she does that for me.

I want to love every part of my woman

because she loves every part of me.

I want to hold and kiss every part of my woman

because she holds and kisses every part of me.

She is my day and my night,

she is my sun and my moon,

she is my peace and my joy,

she is my lover and my friend,

and she is the only person I want to unite with.

I want to marry my woman

because I never want to spend a day in this life without my woman.

Blog Posts Poetry

A Poem to Outside

outside, do you miss me too?

are you longing to see me like im longing to see you?

I’m sure you can go without the rest of the world,

the other people don’t appreciate you.

they treat you like a garbage can.

they dispose of themselves onto you surfaces,

and not to say that I am perfect in any way,

but i don’t treat you near as harshly.

and outside, i miss you;

i miss your touch, i miss your smell,

i miss walking into your ambiance.

i miss the feel of the sun’s warm rays;

the cool breeze of the night wrapping itself on my exposed body as i stand lines.

i miss standing in lines!

but this is supposed to be your detox, your break from us,

our break from you.

but it’s a break, and all breaks come to an end.

in the meantime, though, know that i miss you,

and i can’t wait to be constantly with you again.