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Go Get It

All this talent and no price tag,

all this passion hidden behind dish rags.

You have this whole life to live,

and you’re living like you’re not good enough.

Speak up for what you want,

Tell them what you need,

Stop letting these people walk all over you, please.

It’s too easy to make the steps to where you want be,

but trust me, if you don’t know what you bring to the table, you’ll never truly eat.

So go out, be great, cause you’re more than able

you’re the only one that loses if you don’t bring your plate to the table.

Blog Posts Poetry

I Prayed for This

To my writing:

I prayed for peace,

I prayed for consistency,

I prayed for wisdom,

I prayed for joy,

and then you started coming back around.

I kept praying.

I prayed for guidance,

I prayed for patience,

I prayed for love,

I prayed for understanding,

and you embodied those things.

I prayed for help,

I prayed for compassion,

I prayed for empathy,

I prayed for something new,

and you lead me on a straight path.

I prayed for answers,

I prayed for a sign,

I prayed for clarity,

I prayed for comfort,

and God sent me my lover,

God sent me my friend,

God sent me you,

and I’ve never been more proud of the use of my pen.

Here I am now, looking back on it all,

and I can’t thank Him enough, for giving me everything I’ve been praying for.

Blog Posts Poetry

Voting Season

As the season progresses and the days pass us by

This year we are in has seemed to fly. 

We’ve known so much pain and turmoil

This year has given us too many times of recoil. 

There have been storms and people left in the rain,

This year alone we have seen and heard nothing but pain.

Death and disease and disadvantages have riddled our ears

This has truly been one hell of a year.

There is good news on the horizon of this storm,

We have a chance to come out of it as long as we blow our horns.

Now is the time to change this tumultuous weather,

Get out and vote and get this thing tethered.

Don’t be discouraged by the long lines,

Bring a friend and some water and snacks and maybe a speaker,

Have a good time.

Go out in good spirits, be a goodness seeker.

It may take a while but it’ll all be worth it

After you can proudly say, “I went out and voted”

** Please don’t forget that early voting has started in the state of Georgia and will continue until October 30. Election day is Tuesday November third. To find out where to vote for early elections and on election day, visit the Secretary of State’s website by following the link below. If you are in another state, visit your local official’s or Secretary of State website for more information on polling sites. Please get out and be heard. GO VOTE! Also, don’t miss my Facebook Live tomorrow, Thurday, Oct. 15 at 7:30pm as I answer questions, update you on news and talk about all things current in this election season!**

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Lotus Flower

rising from the dirt

emerging from the water

a sweet petal shows itself

appearing untouched and unbothered

despite its muddy origin

rooted in the soil

this pink flower blossoming

full and uncoiled

residing with a lily pad

a sign of life that one has had

even when things look bad

the lotus flower grows

water still as day arrives

colors vibrant to the eyes

pink and white, yellow inside

the lotus flower grows

only sprouting in the dark

in ponds and lakes in foreign parks

in layers as the petals fall

ending late summer, inviting fall

the lotus flower grows

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Mr. Wrong

fear is a thing i know too well these days;

pain seems to be festering in my womb.

i never understood the mr wrong reference,

until it became my personal tune.

my eyes only shine when i’m outside of these four walls

because blood and despair stain my home halls.

tears seep through the cracks in the floor,

screams burrow in the holes in the wall,

the sofa seats all the drinks thrown in my face,

the shower reminds me of my daily curtain call.

and yet and still, i climb in my bed every night-

sometimes too weak to carry myself-

and i promise to continue to love this man after every fight.

fear is a thing i know all too well these days;

pain seems to be festering in my womb.

but i pray real hard everyday,

that mr. wrong will be mr. right again soon.

Please note that I am safe at home, this is a point of view poem. If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic violence and would like to get help call 1-800-799-7233 to speak with someone at the domestic violence hotline.

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i hope you sleep well.

i hope you’re okay.

i hope you find peace.

peace of mind, peace of body, peace of soul.

i hope you are loving yourself.

i hope you feel loved.

i hope you know that i love you.

i hope you never feel alone, because i’m always here.

i hope you never worry, because there’s nothing to fear.

i hope you know that your pain won’t last forever, it will all get better.

i hope you’re making it through.

i hope this message finds you well, early in the morning while you eyes lose their sleepy swell.

i love you tremendously, i care about you.

and God will get us through everything, me and you.

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soft pains

i have an addiction aside from the typical one that gets you high
mine makes me bleed
it leaves inks and holes that i will never unsee
it is the light to my fire that sends my pains ablaze
it is the silent killer that turns my bad thoughts into good days
i long to be under a needle as it drags across my flesh
because it gives me a high where i can’t digress
i learned early that i wasn’t a cutter because my skin is too thick
it takes too long to cut and make me bleed
it leaves scratches on my thighs that don’t fill me
my habit makes me itch and swell and twitch
but i can only imagine what i’d do without it

and when i can’t get to it quick i can always go back
and fiddle with an old hole til my soft pains come back
i crave sex the same way
aggressive yet sweet
because my soft pains are my happy places oxymoronically

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a poem to my writing

It feels like it’s been so long

I’ve been looking for words and none have been coming

But how shallow of me to leave you this long

How i’ve missed you

How bitterly i’ve craved your being

How treacherously my fingers have longed for you

My lips wanting to let your sweetness grace them

And my tongue aching for your taste

At this point i’m sure that you’re my only true love

The only thing that keeps me sane

And still you drive me so crazy

You frustrate me so badly

Sometimes my lack of understanding sends me blazing

Yet you bring me such comfort and such peace

You constantly fill every piece of me

Even though holding onto you alone

Makes me as foolish as a child chasing imaginary dreams

As deranged as a druggie telling their lucid dreams

But i love you with a love all mine

A love like no other, enduring and all fine

Like a love that will stand the test of all time

I love you overwhelmingly and profusely and constantly

For you are able to see me at my lows and highs

For you are able to get me to and through difficult times

The love i have for my words and pen and paper all as one

Is a love like no other, like they are my other one 

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Little Black Boy

Little black boy,

Eyes wide, skin still a light hue — 

You are not yet aware 

Of what the world has waiting for you. 

Little black boy,

Running around with toddler feet,

You still don’t understand 

That the world is no treat.

Little black boy,

Just starting the first grade,

You’re seeing now

The discrimination against your race.

Little black boy,

Well into the seventh year of school,

You are just starting to realize

That this country you live in is not so cool. 

Little black boy,

Now in your latter years,

You just watched what happens to your kind;

And now you sit with empty tears.

Little black boy,

You were just in the wrong place.

You happened to be standing there, 

They saw you skin,

They didn’t see your face.

Little black boy,

We bury you now,

Another name on the wall,

Another angel in the clouds.

Little black boy

This could’ve been your life,

But your mother was afraid

To put you through this strife.

Little black boy, 

You never made it to see a year — 

Your mother aborted you

Simply out of fear of having to raise,

a little black boy.

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i want to be held.

for a couple days i want to feel myself enveloped in your arms.

i want to run my fingers through your curls as you breathe your breath against my skin.

i want to be rubbed by your hands,

so soft, so gracious.

i want to be held,

i want to feel your shape as it spoons mine.

i want to wrap our legs together as our souls intertwine.

i want to cure this feeling,

i want to rid myself of this pain,

i want to release this tension,

i want to escape this world,

and find our little corner of universe,

and live there with you forever.

holding me,

holding you,

holding each other,