trouble on the home front

the craziest shit i ever seenhappened the other day on live stream.a federal building under attack,by white folks wearing maga hats,and what in the fuck was i looking at?terrorists, i mean trumpers, no terrorists, inside capitol hill.the media showed people breaking windows and climbing walls;i’m sure these were the same people screaming “build the wall!”peopleContinue reading “trouble on the home front”

eye of the storm

what happens when i explode? what happens when the storm that i held behind my eyes pours out? what happens then? because i try so hard to keep peace. i try so hard to remain still and quiet and elevated but what happens when my clouds get heavy and i start to descend from theContinue reading “eye of the storm”

I Found My Niche!

I think I’ve found my niche! If you’ve been here for a while then you remember the beginning of this journey. I wrote a whole post about finding my niche, my lane, my true calling. Well here we are (however many months later this has been) and I think I found my niche! I knowContinue reading “I Found My Niche!”

Winter Blues

It’s getting cold outside, I want to sit under my blanket wrapped up in my bed. The wind is blowing cool air through the cracks in the windows, Soft sounds are creeping in through the space under the door. The days are shorter, The nights are longer, Darkness creeps in far sooner than what I’veContinue reading “Winter Blues”

Growing Leaves

I watched little Nina from a bit bigger than just a seed, I saw as her bare stems slowly sprouted leaves. She sat in the corner most of her early days, After being separated from her foundation on that one Sunday. But as I gave her food and water and light, Her stems grew longerContinue reading “Growing Leaves”

Go Get It

All this talent and no price tag, all this passion hidden behind dish rags. You have this whole life to live, and you’re living like you’re not good enough. Speak up for what you want, Tell them what you need, Stop letting these people walk all over you, please. It’s too easy to make theContinue reading “Go Get It”

I Prayed for This

To my writing: I prayed for peace, I prayed for consistency, I prayed for wisdom, I prayed for joy, and then you started coming back around. I kept praying. I prayed for guidance, I prayed for patience, I prayed for love, I prayed for understanding, and you embodied those things. I prayed for help, IContinue reading “I Prayed for This”