On My Platform, Black Lives Matter

It has been such a hectic life for my fellow black people. Everyday it’s something else, there’s always more of the foolery for us. We fight these stereotypes and stigmas so hard. Literally from the day we are born we are a threat. We can’t ever just be a beautiful black baby in peace; canContinue reading “On My Platform, Black Lives Matter”

Don’t Hate the Player…

We all know the saying, “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” Well, Molly Bloom showed up to the party and may have given a reason for people to hate both. Netflix movie, “Molly’s Game,” is the story of once professional skier, Molly Bloom, that ran a high-stakes poker game for about 10 years onContinue reading “Don’t Hate the Player…”

Let’s Talk Suspense: Can You Find the Dangerous Lies?

As coronavirus cases and anxieties rise, many of us are still cautiously awaiting sanity in the comfort of our homes. This means that we have been doing a lot of the same things: a whole lot of nothing. In this excessive downtime, I’m sure we have all exhausted our normal list of things to watchContinue reading “Let’s Talk Suspense: Can You Find the Dangerous Lies?”