Lotus Flower

rising from the dirt emerging from the water a sweet petal shows itself appearing untouched and unbothered despite its muddy origin rooted in the soil this pink flower blossoming full and uncoiled residing with a lily pad a sign of life that one has had even when things look bad the lotus flower grows waterContinue reading “Lotus Flower”

October Surprise

The first thing we need to discuss is the elephant in the room: what is an October Surprise? An October Surprise is defined by Wikipedia as, “in US political jargon… a news event that may influence the outcome of an election (particularly one for US presidency) whether deliberately planned or spontaneously occurring.” This year’s surpriseContinue reading “October Surprise”

Do It With Passion

“There is no passion to be found in playing small- in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living,” a word from Nelson Mandela. I’ve spent my whole life writing. I wrote in my journals and for my classes and for other people. Writing is a thing thatContinue reading “Do It With Passion”

20 Things I Learned Before 21

Well today is my favorite day of the year, it’s my birthday! I finally made it to 21, whew! I know Tuesdays are usually political, but this week I’m going to switch things up in light of the Facebook live broadcast I have scheduled for this Thursday, October 1st at 7:30 pm, regarding the caseContinue reading “20 Things I Learned Before 21”

Lose that Worry

I know so often, especially in today’s climate, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed with doubt and worry. Everything seems like its moving a hundred miles an hour, every day seems like it comes and goes in a flash, there’s all this stuff we had planned, stuff we were used to doing, all gone withContinue reading “Lose that Worry”

Anger, Disgust, Injustice: A Response to Breonna Taylor’s Case

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.” The beginning of a prayer we all know too well. If you ask most people how they think they will die, it’s usually a case of sickness or old age, unless you’re black. As a black person, it isn’t anContinue reading “Anger, Disgust, Injustice: A Response to Breonna Taylor’s Case”

Mr. Wrong

fear is a thing i know too well these days; pain seems to be festering in my womb. i never understood the mr wrong reference, until it became my personal tune. my eyes only shine when i’m outside of these four walls because blood and despair stain my home halls. tears seep through the cracksContinue reading “Mr. Wrong”

Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment: what is it, who is it affecting, how do we deal with it? According to Oxford Languages by way of google search, sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace or other professional or social situation. In 2017, the spark of the “#MeToo” movement broughtContinue reading “Sexual Harassment at Work”

Be Filled

Back like we never left, good morning, good afternoon, good whatever time it is that you’re reading this post. I don’t want to make this a long a drawn out post. The painfully honest truth is, I don’t have a whole lot of words for today; so this post may look light, but trust meContinue reading “Be Filled”

Looking for Birria?

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I can say that I am a big foodie. I follow all types of food accounts on Instagram and I love to eat! Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for some tacos. Not just any tacos, because I know plenty of great taco places, but specificallyContinue reading “Looking for Birria?”