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Do It With Passion

“There is no passion to be found in playing small- in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living,” a word from Nelson Mandela. I’ve spent my whole life writing. I wrote in my journals and for my classes and for other people. Writing is a thing that I’ve undoubtedly always been passionate about. Until just recently, I never thought that my writing really meant much. I always knew I was good, I knew that people showered my work with compliments, completely in awe whenever they read it, or I read it for them.

When I went to college, I originally majored in chemistry. I figured I could always write on the side without a degree, so I went with what I liked and where the money would be. By the end of my second chemistry class, I was MISERABLE! I almost had enough credits to start my junior year, and I decided to essentially start over. I changed my major to English; my school didn’t offer courses in creative writing, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do, but I settled. One semester later, I was back in the same predicament, MISERABLE! So I figured I’d take a semester off, and try again in the spring; the third time was definitely a charm for me. I decided to drop out and try to find a path outside of school.

I got a job, started participating in open mic performances, finished writing my first book, got an apartment, things were going well for me. I wasn’t miserable at every turn anymore; not until I decided to focus on a career and put my writing aside again. This isn’t meant to be a life story, but this is my testament. It took a lot of praying, so many sacrifices, trial and error, and a whole lot of doing things wrong, but when I finally decided to follow my passion, I found true pleasure, true happiness. I’m not at all saying that this is the easy path, but it’s been the most rewarding.

I’ve lived a short life, but God gave me a gift that has not only empowered me, but so many other people. We all have a gift, a fire that burns inside of us regardless of how much we try to put it out; we’re all passionate about something. Every move isn’t about the money. We so often hear so many stories of people coming from nowhere, sleeping in their cars, no job, no money, just following the light that their little fires created. When you work in passion, everything else falls into place.

This week, let’s focus on getting back into those things that we’re passionate about. Let’s try to take out some time to pray and focus and study on our passions. Sometimes, the best move you can make is a move based in faith; faith without action is dead. Allow yourself to indulge in those little things that really ignite your fire. “You have to be burning with an idea , or a problem… If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” (Steve Jobs)

If you take nothing else from this, take this and hold it tightly: “Whatever you do, do it with passion and everything else will come to you.” Have a great day, a great week, a great month, and a great time burning that fire.

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20 Things I Learned Before 21

Well today is my favorite day of the year, it’s my birthday! I finally made it to 21, whew! I know Tuesdays are usually political, but this week I’m going to switch things up in light of the Facebook live broadcast I have scheduled for this Thursday, October 1st at 7:30 pm, regarding the case of Breonna Taylor. Make sure to check out the post that I wrote last Thursday, to be engaged in the conversation this week.

Today I just want to share with everyone twenty things that I learned while I was 20. There definitely were more than twenty lessons this past year, but these are the top of the list, so without further ado, here’s twenty thing I learned in year 20.

  1. Every problem you have, no matter the cause or who else is involved, is YOUR problem to work through.
  2. Credit is a game, but we all need to be on the winning side. Build your credit by making purchases and make sure to always pay AT LEAST your minimum balance when things are due.
  3. You will find peace nowhere if you don’t have it on your own
  4. Mental health issues are real and it’s okay to not be okay sometimes
  5. It’s okay to get/want/need help
  6. Everything in life is a game of balance, keep your scales even
  7. Love alone is not enough to fix things with people
  8. When you invest in yourself, you are not missing out on anything
  9. Live life in terms of sufficiency instead of scarcity; if you’re always worried about what you don’t have, or running out of what you do have, you’ll never be able to truly enjoy anything
  10. Don’t kill yourself for a job; they don’t give a damn about you
  11. Invest time in things that make you happy, regardless of the stigmas that they may have.
  12. It’s okay to be passionate, loud and outgoing, but it’s also okay to be shy, quiet, and reserved; be you at all times
  13. Speak up for what you believe in
  14. Make boundaries EVERYWHERE and stand on them; if you know you do/don’t want to do something, say it and mean it
  15. If you want to smoke weed, grow your own because this stuff out here now is getting crazy
  16. Move at your pace, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re moving too fast/slow
  17. You don’t have to be 100% sure of every decision you make; trial and error is a great teacher
  18. Keep all receipts and important documents stored in a single, organized location
  19. Save money; trust me, that food at home still tastes just as good today as it did yesterday
  20. Live in love, passion, and understanding for others

I am so grateful, so blessed to have made it this far. I am constantly learning and growing and I accept all the things that life has for me. Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes, for all the love and continued support. I hope this day is as great for everyone as it has been for me.

Thanks for another chance to #TakeALook at things with me this Tuesday!

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Lose that Worry

I know so often, especially in today’s climate, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed with doubt and worry. Everything seems like its moving a hundred miles an hour, every day seems like it comes and goes in a flash, there’s all this stuff we had planned, stuff we were used to doing, all gone with no sure sign of when things are going to turn around. Trust me, I know it is so easy to worry, but let me say this too, it’s so freeing to put that worry to rest.

“Three little birds, sat at my window, and they told me I don’t need to worry.” Corinne Bailey Rae said these words on one of my favorite songs, “Put Your Records On.” This week’s theme is to not worry.

We’re officially in a new season, in three days we’ll be in a new month, and in 3 months we’ll be in a new year. With all the things to worry about in the world, let’s take this week to really unload. New seasons bring a chance for new change and new opportunities. Let’s spend this week in good spirits, spirits free from worry.

Let’s start this Monday with a simple prayer, “Lord thank you for a chance to start new. Thank you for this new season of change and blessings and opportunities. Please free my mind, body and spirit of all worry and negativity. Allow this freeness from worry me to follow me through this week and the rest of my life. Amen.”

Just like that, even without three little birds on your window sill, you have the same reminder not to worry. Enjoy this day and everyday from here. Be blessed, be safe, be worry-free and as always , happy Monday!

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Anger, Disgust, Injustice: A Response to Breonna Taylor’s Case

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.” The beginning of a prayer we all know too well. If you ask most people how they think they will die, it’s usually a case of sickness or old age, unless you’re black. As a black person, it isn’t an insane thought to be killed by a racist, a member of some KKK or terrorist group, the system that oppresses us daily, or the epitome of all three of those things combined: a white police officer.

Yesterday, September 23rd, marked the 65th anniversary of the acquittal of Emmit Till’s murderers by an all white jury. It also marked the date of the acquittal of Breonna Taylor’s murderers. Most of us are aware of and have been following the events of Breonna Taylor’s death since it became a mass media case back in May. Here’s a quick recap though.

On March 13, three police officers entered the home of Breonna Taylor, where she and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker were sleeping, on a no-knock warrant for a narcotics case. The suspect they were looking for, an ex-boyfriend of Taylor’s, did not live there (we later found out he was already in police custody at the time the warrant was enforced). Dressed in plain clothes, the three officers forced themselves into the apartment and were met by gunfire from Walker, who believed that there was a home invasion in progress. According to police, one officer was hit by the warning shot that Walker fired (ballistics were inconclusive about whether or not the officer was actually shot by Walker’s gunfire). In retaliation, the officers “blindly” shot around 45-65 rounds into the home. Walker and Taylor’s family attorney say that 8 of the rounds hit Breonna. She was left unattended in her home as she died from the injuries sustained by the bullets (according to A.G Cameron, only one bullet was actually fatal). Walker was arrested and charged for attempted murder of a police officer (the charges were later dropped pending further investigation).

In the months since her death, we have seen a wave of movements, speeches, articles, and protests that demand racial justice and accountability for the harsh and unnecessary uses of extreme force and retaliation that have led to the deaths of numerous black people at the hands of this crooked system. We have spent generations demanding justice for our people; for the whole of human life to be regarded as equal, or at the very least, worth living regardless of any factors, especially race and racial stigmas.

In the grand jury indictment determination yesterday, there were no charges brought up against the officers whose bullets killed Taylor. Former officer Brett Hankison was charged on three counts of wanton endangering for firing into the home of Taylor’s white neighbors during the raid (there were no charges brought up for the wanton endangerment of the black family that lived above Taylor despite the fact that there were rounds fired into their apartment as well, according to Taylor’s family attorneys by way of ABC News). The unfortunate truth here is that as much as we would like to have charges brought upon the other two officers involved for the murder of another innocent black life, they seem to have the law on their side. Let me break it down.

According to the information we know, the police officers were serving a warrant. Although there are conflicting stories on whether or not the warrant was obtained on proper pretenses, [according to ABC News, on May 15, “Louisville postal inspector Tony Goodsen said his office did not inspect the packages delivered to Breonna Taylor’s home. This ‘directly contradicts what the police stated in the affidavit to secure a no-knock warrant for the home,'”]despite, the officers had a warrant that had been signed by a judge to enter and search the home of Breonna Taylor. When they entered and Walker fired the first shot, the officers were technically in their rights to defend themselves from further gunfire. The death of Breonna Taylor, as the “reasoning” that the city is giving, was a subsequent side effect of self defense of officers serving a warrant. As they have acknowledged it was a unfortunate case, they do seriously believe that they were in their rights to “blindly” shoot back into the direction of the initial shots fired.

After reading multiple documents, it is in fact considered an act of self defense for a police officer to shoot back at potential threats; death by way of these means, especially when serving warrants, is covered in first and second party instances, when the person that dies is in direct affiliation with the crimes committed. The grand jury in Louisville stood on the premise that Taylor was a first or second party. The fact is though, Taylor was a third party. Walker fired the first shot (not at all to say that he should’ve been the one killed), and shots were “blindly” and erratically fired by police officers with gun safety and target shooting training. The grand jury did not indict the officers whose bullets were found in Taylor because they stretched the “self defense” statement to a third party.

Regardless of why they didn’t indict the officers, the real problem here is why, yet again an innocent black life had to be taken by cops that were “frightened” while doing their job. There is no way that any person in their right mind would casually sit around after their front door was stormed in by three white men in plain clothes. Even white people would’ve opened fire! Yet and still here we again looking down this dark, cold well of injustice. Really and truly it is exhausting. She deserved so much more, the city of Louisville had such a premium opportunity to show some change in the legal justice system. This could have been the turning point of the legality of disposal of black lives. While the FBI is still investigating this case, we know in our heart of hearts that she may never get the justice she deserves.

Now is the time for change like we’ve never seen change before. Please don’t be the person to say that we’ve been here before. Please don’t think or believe that this is a new issue, or one that has just started coming back around. We never had a chance, the fight never ended. I could go on and on and on about black trauma and how it is rooted in our bones, how our blood bleeds pain and suffering, how our minds are inherently routed to be hyper vigilant in an attempt to avoid instances just like this one. My heart is broken for this black woman and her family; for every black woman and their families. “The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman,”(Malcom X). Why is it so FUCKING hard to be protected as a black woman????

There were a million obvious issues with this case. There are too many conflicting stories and too much information that doesn’t make sense. Why was a no-knock warrant signed to begin with? Why were the officers in plain clothes? Why didn’t they verify their facts prior to serving the warrant? Why were there no body cameras? Why was there no one called by the officers to help Breonna after she was shot? Why were the lives of the next door neighbors more important than hers? Why do we keep going down this road? But most importantly, why does the system allow this?

“If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take.” This was not a life that should’ve been taken. She was undeserving of every action; from the time the warrant was sought out to today and further pending. She is another soul lost to the ways of this systemic genocide of black people. She was a daughter, she was a friend, she was a professional, but she was a black woman in America and for that reason alone, this system has failed to protect her. Breonna Taylor and family, from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry that this is your story too. I’m so sorry that they still haven’t been able to come through. I promise to keep fighting for you and all the women and men like you. My heart aches for all the victims of police brutality and systemic inequality. My heart breaks for each of us, but NOW we must stand together and demand a change!

Link to the Facebook live regarding this post and other black issues:

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Mr. Wrong

fear is a thing i know too well these days;

pain seems to be festering in my womb.

i never understood the mr wrong reference,

until it became my personal tune.

my eyes only shine when i’m outside of these four walls

because blood and despair stain my home halls.

tears seep through the cracks in the floor,

screams burrow in the holes in the wall,

the sofa seats all the drinks thrown in my face,

the shower reminds me of my daily curtain call.

and yet and still, i climb in my bed every night-

sometimes too weak to carry myself-

and i promise to continue to love this man after every fight.

fear is a thing i know all too well these days;

pain seems to be festering in my womb.

but i pray real hard everyday,

that mr. wrong will be mr. right again soon.

Please note that I am safe at home, this is a point of view poem. If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic violence and would like to get help call 1-800-799-7233 to speak with someone at the domestic violence hotline.

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Sexual Harassment at Work

Sexual harassment: what is it, who is it affecting, how do we deal with it? According to Oxford Languages by way of google search, sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances in a workplace or other professional or social situation.

In 2017, the spark of the “#MeToo” movement brought sexual harassment back to the forefront of media and conversation. Through this hashtag, many people told their stories, shared information, and stood together against sexual harassment in different industries. We were flooded with information in the news and on social media from all walks of life; men, women, gender neutral, musicians, actors and actresses, janitors, CEOs, and various types of professionals were included. I took the liberty of interviewing a few strong and willing people that wanted to share their stories. All names and jobs are changed for the protection of these people, but their stories, just the same, are ones that need to be told and evaluated.

The first interview I conducted was with a gentleman we’ll call Sam. Sam works in the warehouse industry and has for many years. While working as a forklift operator, Sam encountered an older woman that had a sort of leg fetish; the woman said that she “liked calf muscles.” She took it upon herself to comment on and even touch/rub on Sam’s legs whenever she saw them exposed. Sam, wanting to avoid issues and respect his elders, awkwardly laughed and asked, “why are you touching me?” The laugh may have thrown the woman off as she never stopped. Sam said he never reported the incidents because “she’s a lady and I’m a dude; people would call me gay.” While he said this was not his first experience of sexual harassment he said this was the one that made him feel the most uncomfortable. When asked for one suggestion towards reporting, responding to, and/or preventing sexual harassment, Sam suggested “keep pepper spray” as a deterrent and mechanism for defense if necessary.

The next interview I conducted was with a young woman we’ll call Susan. Susan worked in child care as a daycare teacher. Through the day, she was surrounded by other women at work, but her issues came when it was time for the children to be picked up. There were always comments made by some of the fathers that made her feel uncomfortable, but no one had the persistent or gall of one father in particular, let’s call him Will.

Will, a married man with a daughter attending the daycare that Susan worked at, would hassle Susan with inappropriate comments. He engaged in slightly touching her saying things like, “you can watch my daughter at my house” and “I’d love to see you outside of here.” Susan initially just ignored her harasser As she was not his daughter’s teacher, she would try her hardest to avoid him altogether during pick-up. This didn’t help though. Will would ask the other teachers where Susan could be found, and although they knew that she was essentially hiding from the man, they would still point him in her direction.

Susan eventually addressed the man and his wife. His wife defended his actions by saying that he was just joking and being nice. After being blown off by them, Susan took her complaints to the director of the daycare looking for some sort of solace and solution. This also got her nowhere. Despite the strict rule against teacher-parent relations, the director of the daycare told Susan to “be lucky; you get all the compliments.” To make matters worse, Will eventually found Susan’s social media accounts and attempted to engage with her via personal messages. All these things combined lead Susan to finding another place of employment; she decided to completely change industries to avoid any possibility of running into another father like Will. When asked for suggestions on reporting, responding to, and preventing sexual harassment, Susan said, “every time an employee seems or reports being uncomfortable, coworkers and employers should take the situation as seriously as possible; regardless of opinions on the situation.”

The last interview I conducted was with a woman we’ll call Sally. She works in the automotive industry. Sally commented by first saying that her job depends mostly on group work and being able to be reached for communications. Although she did have a company email address, she was not provided a laptop or cell phone, so all her communications were done through her personal phone number. She describes her most uncomfortable sexual harassment experience as one that started at work and tended to follow her home. After giving out her phone number to a group of colleagues, one of the women in the group started to make advances. It started as slight comments and sort of “class clown” notions while at work to get Sally’s attention. Once when shaking hands at the end of the day, the woman, who we’ll call Kate, kissed Sally on the hand. Kate’s actions only escalated from here. She began to text Sally everyday. She sent good morning texts and instead of acting out in front of the group, Kate would send text messages complimenting or even complaining to Sally. Eventually, the two stopped working together, but they were still at the same job. Kate’s text messages became more and more personal. Text messages included Kate saying things such as “we were meant to be together,” and expressing anger when she felt that Sally was being too personal with other coworkers.

In this time, Sally expressed on multiple occasions that she had no sexual intentions when agreeing to work with Kate or giving out her phone number. Despite this, Kate persisted for months, essentially having full daily conversations with herself as Sally did not respond. After Kate transferred to another location, the comments went from sexual and possibly inviting, to threatening and more stalker like. Kate would call and text from different numbers and email addresses to try to get a response. She would send Sally text messages whenever they were on the same property. Comments would include, “I saw you today, and there were two seconds that you looked at me and I knew you’d eventually be mine forever.” Sally says she never saw Kate on the days when Kate remarked seeing her.

Sally ended up reporting these issues to the HR department of her company. Unfortunately, Sally was not at all satisfied with the results of this report. She said although the company addressed Kate and told her to stop, they tried to make a lot of the fault seem like Sally’s. Why had she let it go on for so long, why didn’t she block the numbers or change her own number. They also made the case seem to Sally like it was one of just custom harassment and not sexual harassment because both parties involved were female. While Sally reports the personal messages have stopped, she suspects that Kate has made fake pages on social media to follow her, as names much like Kate’s often show up in her views and messages. When asked for suggestions to aid in reporting, responding to, and preventing sexual harassment, Sally said, “just try to go to work, keep your head down, and go home. Hopefully they won’t notice you then.”

These are only three private instances of sexual harassment at work . All of these in different industries, under different circumstances; yet, we see how each situation is one that can and was severely uncomfortable. In one instance, it lead to the need to seek other employment altogether. While I am not saying that all employers don’t take sexual harassment seriously, I sat through interviews with people that admitted to originally being scared to even say something to their employers. People fear retaliation from their harassers or employers, being blown off, and even their story trying to be turned against them.

Determining what is sexual harassment is a call for employers to make. Although there is legislation about it, legislation states that there has to be a determination of frequency, severity, if the action is threatening/humiliating or just offensive and if it interferes with performance at work. Most of these things are based on perception beyond the victim’s. Despite all this, there are ways to report sexual harassment until it is taken seriously. If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, report it. Even if you only report it to a fellow colleague, sexual harassment claims can be reported by anyone it affects or makes uncomfortable, not just the victim. If things persist, take things up the chain of command. If possible, keep a log of every offense and communication so that people cannot try to contest your claim. There are sexual harassment hotlines that you can find for your state or job based on your location. If all else fails or you feel the need to go straight up the latter, you can file a claim with the EEOC.

I know that all these things seem long and tedious. I know that we all wish there was an easier way to avoiding, reporting, and responding to sexual harassment; but honestly, there just isn’t. The best advice I really have is to start by speaking up for yourself. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, make it clear to the person making you feel that way; don’t laugh or brush it off or take it lightly. I know that we try to be nice and avoid issues at work, but harassers often say that they “didn’t know” their behavior was inappropriate because the victim never spoke up, or laughed/chuckled at the comments.

As we learn to recognize and properly approach sexual harassment at work, let’s be sure to keep ourselves, co-workers, and employers in line and held accountable for all actions and claims of sexual harassment. Let’s remember to look out for each other at work. We all go to work to do our job and make it back home to our families; why not keep an eye out for people feeling uncomfortable in these professional spaces. Lastly, like yesterday’s post said, let’s remember to be kind. It is never easy to speak on being a victim of anything; remember to be kind with yourself and with others, especially as it relates to topics as sensitive as this.

As always, be blessed, be safe, and thanks for tuning in for another #TakeALook Tuesday!

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Be Filled

Back like we never left, good morning, good afternoon, good whatever time it is that you’re reading this post. I don’t want to make this a long a drawn out post. The painfully honest truth is, I don’t have a whole lot of words for today; so this post may look light, but trust me it’s heavy enough to get us through this week.

I am so blessed man. I want to start by reminding every one that we all are so blessed. This year has really been one for the books. It’s not every lifetime that people can say they’ve had as much action as we’ve had in 2020. Even with all the things that have been going on this year, here we are on this 21st day of the 9th month of this year. There are so many people that haven’t made it this far. There were so many days this year, I’m sure we all wondered if we would make it this far, but yet, here we are. Thank God, we are here.

Honestly, it’s been rough for the world. These times are unlike anything we’ve ever known. We are faced with a trifecta of movements going on; politics are in flames, race wars seem to be on the horizons, even natural disasters have come and shown face all year long. We have been flooded, fueled and overwhelmed by everything from mass media to daily life. If you let it, these things can become a source of fear and paranoia, but we can conquer that.

In light of all the ways of the world, my point for this week is to be kind. I don’t only mean be kind to others, but be kind to yourself. Allow yourself spaces to breathe and speak. Surround yourself with laughter and love, even if it’s via Zoom calls or quality time with your bed and your favorite movie. Speak kind words to yourself and others; greet yourself in the morning when you wake up, breathe a breath of fresh air on your way to work. Just be kind. Remember to pour back into yourself all the things that the world has been taking from you. As much as I encourage pouring into others, you can’t fill anyone if you have an empty cup. So this week, remember to fill your cup, ask God to fill your cup and allow yourself to be full.

As always, have a great day, have a great week, and happy Monday!

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Looking for Birria?

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I can say that I am a big foodie. I follow all types of food accounts on Instagram and I love to eat! Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for some tacos. Not just any tacos, because I know plenty of great taco places, but specifically birria tacos.

I know I mentioned the tacos in last week’s post, but I really just can’t get enough of them. It took a bit of searching and getting the times right, but I did find a place close to home. Let me just say that those tacos were excellent. They definitely looked good on the pictures, but actually tasting them was heaven. The flavors of slow cooked beef, cilantro, onions, and whatever they put in that sauce all blended together… AMAZING! I actually ended up dipping my tacos into queso along with the soup that they serve, and let me just say that I certainly had multiple food-gasms! I definitely think that this is a meal everyone should try. The good news is, this coming weekend, there are a couple places selling these delicious bites around the metro Atlanta area.

First and most familiar to me is Rose’s Taco Grill (@rosestacogrill on instagram) in Riverdale off of Hwy85. They’re open from 11AM-10PM everyday except Wednesdays. The second place is Gusgeras (@gusgeras_atl on Instagram) located off North Ave in Jonesboro. They’ll be selling birria tacos this Saturday and Sunday from 12PM-3PM. The last place I know of that is selling birria, or as he calls it “crack” in the metro area is Chef Smokey (@chefsmokeyatl on Instagram). He will be located in Austell off Veterans Memorial on Saturday from 5-8:30PM and Sunday from 11AM-3PM. All specific location information can be found either in google searches or by the Instagram handles provided.

If anybody knows any other places with birria, or good food to try next, feel free to comment below. As always, have a great and safe weekend and happy Friday!

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Talk To Me

This is the first installment of #TalkAboutIt Thursday. Thursday posts are going to be dedicated to conversations. This week more than I’d like to talk, well write, I want to hear from you my readers. I know over the course of this blog, I have made a lot of changes. This most recent one is actually my favorite, but I have noticed some things I can improve.

I do 99% of my writing from my computer; that means other than checking small details and notifications, I mostly look at this site from a laptop screen. Recently, I noticed that it may not be as easy to navigate to the actual blog posts page from a smartphone or tablet. Does anyone else feel this way? Do you feel like you have to (or previously had to) go searching for content to read? Should things maybe be formatted differently to make posts more accessible?

Another thing that’s been brought to my attention is difficulty in commenting on posts. Now, I myself have not run into any issues with commenting, but I realize that my experience with this site is as an admin and not so much a user. So here’s the next question, what issues are you running into when trying to interact on this site?

Lastly, I understand that I do 95% of my promoting new content on social media, but there are readers that tune in on a consistent basis. I have considered adding a subscribe option. Until becoming active on my blog, I was truly not one to scroll on my social media platforms all day. I think that a subscribe link would definitely be a great tool for those of you that prefer constant updates. I know that the social media posts usually get sent as personal messages, but how would you all like a subscribe button to get all the blog updates and reminders directly to a preferred email address?

Please know that as much as I love to write, I love to interact with my audience. I’m still working on making this the best possible reading experience for everyone. In order to do that, I would love some feedback. You can leave all answers and suggestions in the comments of this post. I can write all day, but it’d be nothing without each of you! I appreciate all the love and support; every view, read, comment, like, share means the world to me. Help me make this experience just as great for you as it has been for me!

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Shower With Me

i turned off the light and lit the candle

turned on the water to a temperature your sensitive skin could handle.

i’ve got the playlist singing sweet melodies,

now baby, take a shower with me.

get undressed and explore this water with me.

let me start by soaking your skin.

you tell me all about your day as i wash your face.

i want to hear your laughs as the soap lathers away.

let me wash you up,

rid you of all your grey.

all the way down to your toes,

i want to feel all of you squeaky clean.

i want to massage my hands in all your tense places,

let the stress roll off your body.

i want to lose all my time

in the shower with you.

and when we’re done and finished,

let me dry you off with a towel,

moisturize your skin,

for i know it needs my attention,

and lay you down gently,

caressing your aura as we fall asleep,

peacefully, after sharing intimacy

simply by taking a shower.