Email me at for inquiries about services. Contracting prices are available upon request.

  • Social Media Services
    • Daily wall posts- price may vary, weekly pricing available
      • Includes luring caption, personalized hashtags, and specific audience targeting
    • Social media ads- price may vary
      • Sends ads to specific audiences (similar to the random ads that show up on your own timeline) can be filtered by where you’re directing your traffic (page, site, location, etc.)
  • Website Services
    • Bio Writing and Content Production- $50 per 100 words
      • Maybe your website is doing okay, but you would like people to be more interactive. Include a personal bio, business bio, and/or occasional blogs to entertain and interact with audience
    • Website building- starting at $200
      • For people that do not have a website but want to start one. Website building gets everything started for you; getting a logo, setting up the necessary pages, bios, and links.
      • can include price for domain ownership
    • Website management- starting at $75
      • Already have a website but it isn’t doing as well as you’d hoped? Website management looks at aesthetic, insights, audience, traffic, and necessary SEO to optimize usage of website for users.
      • Directs traffic to site, looks at monetization of site if necessary
      • Can include blogging, bios and constant update of calendars and information for users
    • Subscriptions and Newsletters- $30 per email
      • Running a sale? New content coming soon? Want to remind people of what to expect?
      • Newsletters can be sent to subscribers in mass separate emails. Price charged per number of emails sent (one email can be sent to up to 250 people at a time)
  • 1 on 1 Marketing Classes- COMING SOON
    • Virtual Class Level 1- $100
      • Includes everything you need to know about basic small business marketing.
      • Detailed outline of whole class for you to fill in during session
      • Answers FAQs, basic explanation of SEO, importance of having online presence, finding target audience, marketing on a small budget
      • Also include books to read and references
      • Gift upon completion
    • Virtual Class Level 2- $100
      • Refresher of beginner course
      • Outline of class to be filled in
      • Addresses expansion of business, how to identify a changing market, keeping up with your audience, branding on a budget
      • Includes books to read and references
      • Gift upon completion
    • Virtual Class Level 3- $100
      • Refresher of previous courses
      • Outline of class to be filled in
      • Creating a lasting business, the best SEO, branching out across platforms, keeping engagements and traffic across multiple platforms
      • Includes books to read and references
      • Gift upon completion

Bundle Deals

  • Social Media Bundle- $100 per week
    • Includes daily handling of social media page for business; posting on time daily, keeping up with insights, adjusting audience with growth of business, teaching owner what to look for and how to maintain business in weekly meetings
    • Website Bundle- starting at $250
      • Includes website building and management
      • Services can be added and removed based on stage of business
      • Price varies based on specifications; weekly pricing available
    • Classes Bundle- $250
      • Pay for all three classes at once
      • Schedule all three classes within 90 days of purchase (advised 1 class per month)

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