Learn to Let Go

Good morning peoples!!! Here we are at another beautiful Monday; the sun is out, the temperature is nice, and we’re all alive so thank the Lord for that! I’m not sure where everyone is located, but this past week here as just been full of storms and winds and all kinds of crazy, flip-flopping weather. I’m just glad it’s over for now. On to other things, I sat through a great church service yesterday and y’all know when I get a good word I got to share it! Now, I’ll probably share that word next week, but today, I feel like I need to prepare you guys with a precedent.

The word I received yesterday was about staying rooted deep in faith, but I think there is one really important thing that you need to do before you can step out on unwavering faith; you have to learn to let go! As humans, we are naturally just geared toward seeing and constantly considering the worst case scenario. Pessimism runs through our brain more often than anything and most of us fall victim to the thoughts that tell us what we can’t do. Even worse than battling our own thoughts, often enough, we also have to battle other people’s negativity. Sometimes it can come completely uninvited and unwarranted, but regardless enough, it comes; and what is there for us to do about it?

That’s what I want to focus on today, is letting go. Imagine trying to climb up the side of a mountain and holding onto every loose rock you touch along the way. Slowly, you would have more and more trouble. You’d be moving slower, feeling heavier, and losing your momentum as you get closer to the top. If you hold on to too many of those loose rocks, eventually, they’ll make you fall from all the excess weight. This is the same concept for getting to your goals in life. All the rocks you collect would be the negativity and fear you’re holding and harboring.

People talk about letting go like you’re only meant to let go of people who serve no purpose to your life. Letting go is so much deeper than that though. Letting go is about ridding yourself of all things that serve no productive purpose in your life. While that does include people, it also includes negative thoughts, self doubt, and insecurities. In the bible, Peter was able to walk on water because he was able to let go of the fear and doubt that had him sitting in the boat with the others. This week I want us all to focus on letting go of the things we can’t see. Let go of the doubt and the hate and the neglect and insecurities holding you hostage. Learn to conquer the nasty thoughts and troublesome worries that fill your head and see how much farther you can get.

Be prepared for next week where I tie together letting go and how it helps with keeping a solid faith. You can’t get anything accomplished if you’re always too scared to get started. Until then, peace, love, and blessings to you all!

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