working too hard

greed, money, and wealth,

it’s like nobody give a damn about needs, hunger, or health.

living in a country full of anarchy

making people broke through stress and self parking.

and all these niggas just crabs in a barrel

foot on the next neck to rock the newest gadgets and apparel.

trust me honey you gon work yourself to death

looking to get rich so you can buy you some respect.

and swear all y’all got it out the mud

but ain’t been back home to clean the mud up.

these money niggas make me sick.

walking around high and mighty,

pockets too thick.

want all the bad bitches and cars

want all the praise in the world like they somebody’s god.

it’s a disease that’s taken over and capitalism is the name

got y’all thinking sleep is for the weak

cause money is your only gain.

mo money mo problems y’all better ask them boys,

cause all that money can’t buy you peace so y’all settling for drugs.

higher than the sky,

i’m sure you probably are talking to God

but your greed ain’t getting you nowhere except believing them lies.

y’all better learn to slow down and chase something real,

like some goals and your passion and a place where you can heal.

y’all think working 25/8 gon make you a star,

but even God took a break after making the earth and decorating the sky with the stars.

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