some days

some days my biggest accomplishment is staying awake

is fighting the thoughts going a hundred miles an hour in my head,

is remembering to eat and make the bed

some days the very best thing I can do is eat more than once

even if its only twice and I don’t make it to breakfast or dinner

or if I only make it for breakfast and dinner

most days I am so heavy that I don’t even have space for breakfast or dinner

some days I hardly even have enough empty to fill with lunch

 so on days I remember that I need food to maintain I try hard not to skip lunch

but on those days it can be so easy to forget

and even if I remember it’s still not hard to slip

all I can really focus on is getting the day over quick

 so I can tuck myself in comforters and tears and avoid talking about it by just saying I’m sick

who would’ve thought depression would always come in and hit like a brick

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