Monday Morning Motivation Is BACK!

WOW!! It’s been so much going on and SO long since I’ve written a Monday morning motivation post. I have really genuinely been missing this! In this time that I’ve spent not posting content I’ve had a chance to really sit down and reflect on what it is I want for myself and my writing. That’s what’s gearing me up to write this post. As you all may know, I took about three months at the beginning of this year and sat home working on my craft. I stayed on top of my work, I actually worked eight to ten hours a day and I loved every minute of it. My lifestyle was completely different, I was happy and free and at peace with myself and my life. Almost everyday since I stopped doing what I love, what God called me to do, has been dry and not near as fulfilling as writing. So I just want to start this week by sharing my story and encouraging you all to stay the course, no matter what gets thrown in your way.

I have spent the last three months or so trying to feel “secure” in society by getting another (not a better) job as a way to guarantee some income. I took a step of faith and quickly turned back to what I was taught the “right” thing was. I tried to manage writing and working again, but ended up in an even worse time management situation than the fist time. My hours at work were longer and the job even more draining. My then boyfriend/fiancé was having to be in and out of the doctor, in the time and we were getting ready to move; we were considering house shopping and planning next steps. I had less time to write and even less motivation to use my free time for more work than I was already being required to do for my 9-5. I prayed on it and constantly I was being told, “a small step is not enough for what I’m trying to do with you.” I was feeling discouraged and fearful; I was constantly filled with worry and self doubt. Writing had proven itself to be freeing, but also not well paying and difficult at times.

In the time that I was working, my husband started doing his art full time. When I told him I wanted to quit my job and write, he assured me that he would work until my writing took off and assume the financial responsibilities in the house. We weren’t even married yet; almost all of the bills in the house were solely mine. By the time I started working again and he took up his art, I knew I at least owed it to him to make sure that he had the same opportunity he gave me. The biggest difference was, his art took off quickly, and art being the thing that it is, it was easy to make money from it. Truthfully, I was SO discouraged to start writing again because I knew it was such a struggle to make a profit. I’ve been battling with so much self-doubt and fear as if God hadn’t already showed me that He would provide in surplus while I was doing the work He called me to do!

This is my first official post back to writing and I’m nervous, but I am finally filled with the thrill and excitement that I promised myself for this year. We are 6 months into 2021; when this year started, I made a post that said, “this is the first year of the rest of our lives.” Last year was filled with so much everything, but mostly so many lessons; this is the year we implement those things we learned. It’s time to trust yourself and trust God for all that He’s already promised to us. We were put in this world with a plan already laid out for us; we were given options and a chance to experience everything that this world has to offer, but most importantly we were given gifts and talents by which to live our lives through. Allow your passions to guide you to your destiny. So I want to start this week off to just remind us all, weapons will form, we will have some trials and tribulations, we will be faced with doubt and fleshly hindrances, but with faith and God’s grace, we will prevail.

Stay tuned for all to come from Cee Teagan! Remember to enjoy your week, be safe, be blessed, and be a blessing whenever possible!

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