Hello Again: An Update on My Absence

Wow, it’s been SOOO long since I’ve been on here! I really can’t lie, I’ve been missing it here, but life has been so busy and I just haven’t been in the mood to make the time. Most of you know at this point that I’m super honest and try to be fairly transparent about my journey with writing and life. As long as it’s been, I honestly think I’m back to stay now. I just want to fill you guys in on why I’ve been away.

To be fair, I have been working/writing when I am inspired, BUT I know that isn’t an excuse to my absence. I made my last post right before Valentine’s Day (I think) and since then my life has been moving at what seems like 1000 mph. I was really discouraged after I made my last post. The progress on my book wasn’t where I wanted it to be, I had just started a new full-time job (because let’s be honest, no book means little to no money), money was getting tight, and I was super depressed and even more than that, I was disappointed in myself. In hindsight, I was also completely burnt out and trying to push myself too hard to rush big goals on a small time line.

Having the freedom to be doing what I love and making money doing it was the most exhilarating and truly eye opening experience that I’ve had in life so far. The only thing I struggled with is making enough money to sustain my responsibilities and therefore, I am back to working a temporary full-time job while I get things together. The good part is that I get to work from home, but it’s still just as difficult for me to be truly engaged in my current job as it was to get up and leave the house everyday because I just feel trapped. I feel like I’m so close and still so far away from where I’m going. I know I’m not the only person that feels like this though so, for anyone else going through it, just know that getting to the glory is a long, winding road with so many hills and valleys, but the ultimate reward when you make it to the end.

In other news though, I also got married to my high school sweetheart and I am now Mrs. Celena Tenice Martin. Over the years it’s been a ride and one day (probably after I publish my book, I’ll share the story with you all here). I’m super excited for this new chapter as we are currently getting ready for the most adventurous part of our lives. My husband and I will be starting a YouTube soon that will lay out the details and offer you all to join us on our journey, but just know that there are BIG plans! To be frank, I was almost set on just ducking off for the rest of the year and popping out with all this news and content and everything, but I have realized that being able to write and share is what keeps me grounded and connected in this life.

I know I’ve been super off lately, I haven’t been posting lately on my social media or even doing my daily journaling. I really don’t know when I’ll get back to journaling everyday, hopefully sometime soon, but I just need to make the time and right now, that’s a lot easier said than done. I have been branching out to new things lately though. My husband is an artist and has started doing custom fashion, mostly from recycled and thrifted items. With his help, I have allowed myself to dive back into all of the branches of my creative tree. While I’m not great at drawing, I have been very pleased with my abstract pieces and with the new twist on canvas work that I’m learning. I also made a pair of pants and have found a lot of joy in sewing, so that’s a thing that I will definitely be helping my husband with as the orders roll in. I’ll add the pictures of some of our recent stuff on this post so you guys can see it.

One more thing, because people ask me all the time and I really only made one post, but my plant babies are doing great! Back when the whole country had that freakish cold snap over night, my babies were on the back porch because I prefer natural watering when rain falls in their watering schedule. The cold really killed off almost whole plants, the pruning I had to do was RIDICULOUS! Fortunately since then, I have been able to revive all of my plants except one (RIP Nadia, the oldest of my calla lily twins). I’ve actually gotten even more plants than I had when I made the last plant parenting post. I was gifted 3 different vining plants Rome, Vera, and Teagan (I’m not sure what species), calla lily twins, Nadia and Naomi, a peace lily named Lilly, and a polka plant named Pinky P. When I was pruning, I was able to save a couple of loose leaves and propagate them and now I also have Tia (a propagation of my vining plant Terrance who was also a gift), and Spot (a propagation of Rome) who I gifted to one of my best friends. Plant parenting has been great and has very much mirrored my personal and professional life. It has served as a visual of my growth through different seasons and I really recommend it to anyone looking for a visual way to see change and be held accountable. I’m going to add pictures of all of my plants before, during, and after the cold snap so that you guys can see.

I hope to be back to writing all the time very soon! I’m not going to try to hold myself to a schedule again quite yet, but I definitely will make sure that I am contributing to this site as often as I am inspired. I am so grateful to you all and really can’t express how all of the kind words and warm messages have meant to me, especially in this down period I’ve been going through. I try hard to make sure that I answer all the questions and respond to all the comments that you all send me. I am truly blessed to be a blessing, even if it’s just through sharing my words and experiences. I am committed to continuing this journey, no matter where it takes me. Thank you for accompanying me on this ride and stay tuned for what’s coming next. Love, peace and blessings to you all.

Me and my husband at our ceremony
My two recent abstract pieces (and a old free hand painting); we did these while trying to test background options for a commission piece my husband had
These are the first pair of pants I made
My husband’s first pair of pants he made from a rug
These were my plants before the cold snap
This is how they looked when I first brought them inside (pt. 1)
pt. 2; I can’t find the picture from after I finished pruning, but it was bad 😭
This is how they’re looking now. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll be able to see the videos i have of all the new leaves starting to grow😌

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