Love Always

Good morning, afternoon, evening, or whatever time it is that you decide to read this! It’s Monday and time for a little dose of Cee to get you through your week. I’m going to keep it short today because I honestly don’t have a lot to say, but I do want to address one thing. As we just passed “the day of love” I want to remind everyone to continue that love into today and everyday.

Valentine’s day was nice yesterday; personally, it was busy for reasons other than the holiday, but I still enjoyed myself very much. Waking up this morning though, I’ve seen the internet being cruel to the fact that since Valentine’s day has passed, so has the love. Let me remind you all, we should be loving towards ourselves and each other everyday. Maybe everyday doesn’t call for a shower of gifts or an extravagant dinner, but a fictitious holiday shouldn’t be the only day we are willing to love or be loved. T

he truth is, the day of love should be everyday. We should constantly be giving love and thanks and gratitude to ourselves and our loved ones. It doesn’t always require tangible things, but a nice message, a grateful phone call, a self care day, or even a simple “I love you” can go a long way. Be kind to yourself and others everyday. Love is so important and it should be a thing that is constant in our lives.

I love you all and I hope that love resonates with each of you everyday. Peace and blessings to you all and a very happy and loving Monday!

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