Take A Risk

Monday, Monday, Monday… Honestly, I’m not one of the people that feel disrespected by Monday’s arrival. Monday is a great reminder to start again, finish where you left off. While Monday can be seen as a positive, I remember when Mondays used to drain me too. I was working long hours at a job that I hated, the pay was minimal, and the people usually drove me crazy. I used to hate Mondays, or any day that interrupted the time that I had away from that job. The thing is though, I know so many talented people that are stuck in positions that are just truly beneath them. I am here to attest to taking some risks.

I know it sounds crazy; I’ve heard all the notions about risk taking. We all know that I have been working from home on my writing since the turn of the new year. It’s been exhilarating and hard and definitely the biggest I’ve taken in my life so far. As much as I hated my job, it kept my bills paid and stomach full and taught me lessons that I very much needed at a fairly early time in my life. I hated 90% of the time I spent there, but I can say in the end, I took a lot of things with me. Even with all of that though, the best decision I made at that job was to finally get up and leave. I had gotten comfortable with misery and a paycheck and when I was finally tired of the misery part, I saved up my paychecks and made my escape plan. What in the world led me to do this? I knew that it was going to be more beneficial for my health and sanity to go and spend some time perfecting the craft that’s always paid me as opposed to staying in a place where my feet were cold in the water.

Trust me, I was advised to stay and just pursue my dreams on the side, keep the money in my pocket, be comfortable with job security and unhappiness because that was what came with it. Truth be told though, I don’t believe in wallowing in misery and pity. You don’t have to have all your ducks in order; you’ll never have all your ducks in order, but you can make a plan, a sort of outline of the things you need to do, and then grab all the stuff you do have and make a run for it. I don’t just mean leaving a job, but taking any risk requires you to do just that: TAKE A RISK! It can be a well calculated and highly planned risk, but you’ll always be exactly where you are if you refuse (or are to scared) to get up and go. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t say that things have necessarily been easy for me. I still wake up and have to put in ten times the amount of work, six days a week, just to make sure that I didn’t take my risk in vein. I’m often tired, feeling like I’ve been running around crazy all day. I run out of new ideas and have to build on the basics time and time again, but at least I don’t have to listen to someone breathing down my neck to get their work done; at least I can reap the benefits of my hard work instead of giving it to someone else for scraps at the table.

See, this week, I want to encourage everyone to take a risk. It can be as small or as large as your heart moves you, but take it! Go a different direction to work, wear that outfit that you’ve bought but have been shying away from putting on, invest in something new, invest in yourself. You will find that the benefits of investing in you; your health, your sanity, your peace, your joy are things that are intangible and irreplaceable. The money will come, the money will always come, but what is the money costing you?

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