Getting Over Negativity

Good morning peoples! I really hate that I’ve been gone for so long; it’s really only been a week, but a week with little to no interaction and a million things to do still feels like a long time. The truth is, I have been in such a rut! It’s been to the point that I’ve been reading my own Monday Motivation posts just to make it through. Luckily though, I got a chance to re-channel all my energy. Lately, I’ve been struggling with my anxiety a bit. Like all the discouraging remarks people have made to me have been sort of eating me up because I haven’t been as productive as I want to be. That’s actually what I want to talk about this week.

I notice that the easiest things to talk about are the things that I’ve been experiencing. I remember when I decided to leave my job and pick up my writing full time, people were so discouraging, so negative. I heard so often how it wasn’t a good idea and how I should be prepared to be a starving artist and how I won’t be able to build an audience or make any money. The worst part about all the negative comments is that they came from people that supported my writing as hobby, but they thought so little of a career of it. Even now, a month into this, I still hear people tell me so often that writing isn’t a job, it’s a hobby.

The thing is, I realized that these people were mostly people that hate their current jobs; they might get paid well, but they’re miserable everyday. Yet and still, I let all these people get to me. It’s crazy, but it gets to me sometimes and I’m learning that it’s okay. Dealing with the negativity of other people can be such a burden sometimes. We can act like it doesn’t bother us at all, but unless you’ve mastered mindfulness and peace (which most of us haven’t yet) then there are days when things bother you. The fact of the matter is, it’s okay. I have found that on the days where things get rough, finding a way to outlet all that negativity is the best option. I bought some new books and I’ve started journaling everyday as a way to make sure that I’m not harboring all of the bad vibes.

I’m truly committed to keeping good energy all year. Being able to identify and handle the issues that batter my energy has helped a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s easy, but it’s not hard. It just requires focus and intentionality and finding the things that balance you. So I challenge you all to write a list of 3 to 5 things that you consider stress relievers. It could be working out or meditation or even taking trips, and commit to using that list as a reminder of what to do when your energy is being polluted. I’d love to see your lists and I hope this helps if you’re going through the same barriers as me. Wishing you all love peace and hair grease on this fine Monday and through this week. Be blessed, be safe, and be happy my good people!

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