trouble on the home front

the craziest shit i ever seen
happened the other day on live stream.
a federal building under attack,
by white folks wearing maga hats,
and what in the fuck was i looking at?
terrorists, i mean trumpers, no terrorists, inside capitol hill.
the media showed people breaking windows and climbing walls;
i’m sure these were the same people screaming “build the wall!”
people white as the house flooding the whole damn place;
congressmen and staff inside having to shelter in place.
rioting, looting, screaming down the halls,
just white people, white peopling;
no fear in their hearts at all,
most my folks worry when we get pulled over by the cops,
feared for our lives all summer as we peacefully marched down city blocks.
for a long time i imagined how far white skin could get you;
apparently up the stairs, down the halls, and all through the senate pews.
it was truly a sight to see, plastered all day on international tv.
we sat and watched, but we weren’t too surprised.
we all knew for sure, white people would always get by.
but there is just one thing i know for a fact,
capitol hill would’ve been a massacre scene if all them folks were black.

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