Be Kind to Yourself

“It’s the most wonderful time, of the year.” That’s a line we all know, but not one that everyone can agree on; especially after this long, tumultuous year. The good news is that it’s almost over. Yet and still we do have to get through this last round of holidays without our normal fellowships and for some, the first holiday without an important person. So many people have lost and been lost over the course of this year, but grace and mercy have abounded us through it all.

This is a sensitive season for a lot of people. The truth is, year 2020 does not mark the first year that this is a sensitive season. There have always been people that struggle with holiday festivities. This is a wonderful and joyous time for many, but there are plenty who have never been fond holidays. Regardless of what person you are, it’s okay. Just remember to be kind to yourself. Do what makes you happy whether it’s sitting alone with a tub of ice cream and your favorite movie or it’s overindulging on desert with your family and friends. Be caring and understanding that everybody doesn’t share the same views as you about this season.

Regardless of if you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanza or some mixture of three or nothing at all, be sure to remember that so many people have not made it this far. Enjoy yourself and your surroundings, whatever you choose to surround yourself with. There is grace that has gotten you through all these trials and tribulations of everyday life, of life in 2020. Be grateful, be caring, be kind, and be blessed.

Have a happy Monday and a happy holidays! Be safe and carry on.

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