eye of the storm

what happens when i explode?

what happens when the storm that i held behind my eyes pours out?

what happens then?

because i try so hard to keep peace.

i try so hard to remain still and quiet and elevated

but what happens when my clouds get heavy and i start to descend from the weight?

i want to scream all the time

i want to cry rivers into hurricanes and then sit in the eye of my storm because my eyes are no longer having to hold back this storm.

can we name a hurricane after me?

can we call her by tenice when her category 4 winds sweep everyone off their feet

when the pain is unleashed and you have to swim out of your bedroom like you drifted off to sea

can we use the water from the storm to put out the fire in her tongue?

can i sit in my new third eye and find all my peace,

whilst you try to find every piece

of that house thatโ€™s now underwater?

can you tell me what happens when a soft wind turns into a storm?

when a mild autumn afternoon turns into armageddon

what happens then?

when the beauty turns from autumn leaves falling to levees breaking and water rushing in at unspeakable speeds?

what happens when the storm canโ€™t be contained anymore?

when all those feelings, all the love and pain and hurt pour out and over the the ground that you walk on?

can you handle that much pain?

can you handle that much passion?

can you handle that much woman?

do you even notice me enough to know that i am sitting in a constant hurricane?

but iโ€™m sure you will notice when i unleash the flood gates and sit at peace in the eye of my storm.

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