I Found My Niche!

I think I’ve found my niche! If you’ve been here for a while then you remember the beginning of this journey. I wrote a whole post about finding my niche, my lane, my true calling. Well here we are (however many months later this has been) and I think I found my niche! I know this is not exactly the sort of post that I usually put on here, but I really want to get back into the “blogging as a safe space” sort of writing that I used to do all the time.

However it goes, here’s the story about my niche. I thought it was going to be true crime for a while. I love the documentaries and the books and even the podcasts about true crime are so captivating, but they took so much time to keep up with that I too often found myself going to sleep or getting distracted. I also had a spell with doing reviews. Although I can talk all day about my good experiences, I have found that actually sitting down and writing about them are a totally different story. I thought about doing a fitness/wellness blog because I believe that there is SO much good information out there that isn’t shared enough. That wave passed when I realized that it’s just not that interesting for me to write about. I also did a dabble in politics, but I have realized that I can give information and I can explain and inspire and motivate people without having to always talk about everything politically. Politics can really get to be so heavy when that’s all you’re ingesting; that wasn’t working for the empath in me.

So here I am, back where I started and I’ve come to the conclusion that my favorite space by far has been the realm of poetry. In poems, I can talk about whatever I want. I can speak to every person in a way that not only touches their hearts, but gives them the information they need on any subject. Also, I love a good rhyme scheme mixed in with some good story telling. Now this doesn’t mean that I won’t keep giving Monday Motivation or Take a Look Tuesdays, but I definitely have decided to hone it in. This being said, I’m going back to the roots that made me blossom; the roots that gave this blog and this company a name; I’m going back to Cee the little poet… Cee Teagan.

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