Choosing Love

Loving a person is not a choice of your own

Being in love, the way that you love,

That is the choice you make

And all beautiful things considered,

It is still a hard choice to make

Some days we are deeply loving each other

We can’t stand more than a few minutes apart

Days where our skin touches in every minute and our souls sit intertwined

But there are days that aren’t that simple

There are days that we merely coexist in the same spaces

Days that come and we can’t seem to agree on even the color of the sky

And those days are the days that nobody wants to talk about

Those are the days that put so much on your mental that you walk away wondering if this was meant for you

Those are the days that i run back to my safe place behind my door with music too loud and sad feelings start to take over my physical

And in all of our glorious days, we learn nothing but to be content

Content with the comfortability of engaging pleasantly with each other

And it is in our tougher days that our love grows

That we learn new lessons about when and how and why to deal with the things that make us different; the things that have shaped us differently

In the tough days we do not share praises for getting through things,

But even in our days that are not so great, we choose to keep loving, keep being in love

And for that, if for nothing else, i know that we’ll make it until our lives reach an end

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