Winter Blues

It’s getting cold outside,

I want to sit under my blanket wrapped up in my bed.

The wind is blowing cool air through the cracks in the windows,

Soft sounds are creeping in through the space under the door.

The days are shorter,

The nights are longer,

Darkness creeps in far sooner than what I’ve become accustom to.

My house is warm and so is my bed and all the blankets on my sofa,

But my body often remains cold,

Chilled with the thoughts and emotions that are just as seasonal as the newest job openings.

My cocoa warms my nose,

My soup warms my tummy,

But I am unable to warm my heart on my own on some of these cold days.

I find warmth in my prayers,

I find warmth in my books,

I find warmth in the hugs of my lover,

I find warmth in the steps of my favorite dance as I lose myself in the sounds of these-

Winter blues.

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