Growing Leaves

I watched little Nina from a bit bigger than just a seed,

I saw as her bare stems slowly sprouted leaves.

She sat in the corner most of her early days,

After being separated from her foundation on that one Sunday.

But as I gave her food and water and light,

Her stems grew longer and her leaves turned bright.

I never thought I’d feel connected to something so small.

But it was in my reflection that I made sense of it all.

When I brought Nina home from that shelf in the store,

I was sad that day and went out to escape being bored.

And the time that I spent watching her grow,

Mimicked the time that it took me to fill all my holes.

We grew together in those months, despite the trials we faced,

We had some tough storms, we both shed some dead leaves,

But we continue to grow together, through these trying days.

I almost threw her out, discouraged and frustrated,

But I found out that I had to allow her space to grow,

And allowing that space made all the difference.

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