Be Filled

Back like we never left, good morning, good afternoon, good whatever time it is that you’re reading this post. I don’t want to make this a long a drawn out post. The painfully honest truth is, I don’t have a whole lot of words for today; so this post may look light, but trust me it’s heavy enough to get us through this week.

I am so blessed man. I want to start by reminding every one that we all are so blessed. This year has really been one for the books. It’s not every lifetime that people can say they’ve had as much action as we’ve had in 2020. Even with all the things that have been going on this year, here we are on this 21st day of the 9th month of this year. There are so many people that haven’t made it this far. There were so many days this year, I’m sure we all wondered if we would make it this far, but yet, here we are. Thank God, we are here.

Honestly, it’s been rough for the world. These times are unlike anything we’ve ever known. We are faced with a trifecta of movements going on; politics are in flames, race wars seem to be on the horizons, even natural disasters have come and shown face all year long. We have been flooded, fueled and overwhelmed by everything from mass media to daily life. If you let it, these things can become a source of fear and paranoia, but we can conquer that.

In light of all the ways of the world, my point for this week is to be kind. I don’t only mean be kind to others, but be kind to yourself. Allow yourself spaces to breathe and speak. Surround yourself with laughter and love, even if it’s via Zoom calls or quality time with your bed and your favorite movie. Speak kind words to yourself and others; greet yourself in the morning when you wake up, breathe a breath of fresh air on your way to work. Just be kind. Remember to pour back into yourself all the things that the world has been taking from you. As much as I encourage pouring into others, you can’t fill anyone if you have an empty cup. So this week, remember to fill your cup, ask God to fill your cup and allow yourself to be full.

As always, have a great day, have a great week, and happy Monday!

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