Talk To Me

This is the first installment of #TalkAboutIt Thursday. Thursday posts are going to be dedicated to conversations. This week more than I’d like to talk, well write, I want to hear from you my readers. I know over the course of this blog, I have made a lot of changes. This most recent one is actually my favorite, but I have noticed some things I can improve.

I do 99% of my writing from my computer; that means other than checking small details and notifications, I mostly look at this site from a laptop screen. Recently, I noticed that it may not be as easy to navigate to the actual blog posts page from a smartphone or tablet. Does anyone else feel this way? Do you feel like you have to (or previously had to) go searching for content to read? Should things maybe be formatted differently to make posts more accessible?

Another thing that’s been brought to my attention is difficulty in commenting on posts. Now, I myself have not run into any issues with commenting, but I realize that my experience with this site is as an admin and not so much a user. So here’s the next question, what issues are you running into when trying to interact on this site?

Lastly, I understand that I do 95% of my promoting new content on social media, but there are readers that tune in on a consistent basis. I have considered adding a subscribe option. Until becoming active on my blog, I was truly not one to scroll on my social media platforms all day. I think that a subscribe link would definitely be a great tool for those of you that prefer constant updates. I know that the social media posts usually get sent as personal messages, but how would you all like a subscribe button to get all the blog updates and reminders directly to a preferred email address?

Please know that as much as I love to write, I love to interact with my audience. I’m still working on making this the best possible reading experience for everyone. In order to do that, I would love some feedback. You can leave all answers and suggestions in the comments of this post. I can write all day, but it’d be nothing without each of you! I appreciate all the love and support; every view, read, comment, like, share means the world to me. Help me make this experience just as great for you as it has been for me!

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