a poem to my writing

It feels like it’s been so long

I’ve been looking for words and none have been coming

But how shallow of me to leave you this long

How i’ve missed you

How bitterly i’ve craved your being

How treacherously my fingers have longed for you

My lips wanting to let your sweetness grace them

And my tongue aching for your taste

At this point i’m sure that you’re my only true love

The only thing that keeps me sane

And still you drive me so crazy

You frustrate me so badly

Sometimes my lack of understanding sends me blazing

Yet you bring me such comfort and such peace

You constantly fill every piece of me

Even though holding onto you alone

Makes me as foolish as a child chasing imaginary dreams

As deranged as a druggie telling their lucid dreams

But i love you with a love all mine

A love like no other, enduring and all fine

Like a love that will stand the test of all time

I love you overwhelmingly and profusely and constantly

For you are able to see me at my lows and highs

For you are able to get me to and through difficult times

The love i have for my words and pen and paper all as one

Is a love like no other, like they are my other one 

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