Getting Back Into the Swing

This past few months have been for the books. I took a break from writing as I was settling into new routines and new endeavors. One would think that all this newness would’ve inspired me to write more, but I’ve had the worst case of writer’s block. There has been so much going on, in both the world and my life, that the empath in me has just been absorbing it all. I’ve been trying to separate what is mine and what is the world’s so much recently. Current events and politics have definitely had a huge impact on my mental state, as I expect that it has on many people. Things recently have just been so draining. I’ve learned so much in these months though. I decided that now, at the start of a new month, would be a great time to share all these things that have shown face to me.

First, and I believe the most important lesson for me has been to observe and not absorb. My last post was written at the peak of an emotional outburst for not just myself, but my fellow black community. In the days prior to that post and the days that followed, we were flooded with information about crimes of injustice and brutality committed against our people. The news and major media outlets were constantly twisting the stories and mostly publicizing the wrong things about the movement that had found new wind. The first 10 or so days of protest were being constantly labeled as riots and as the military got involved, things continuously escalated. We witnessed war crimes against our citizens by our own government. Although things haven’t stopped or even slowed down in the slightest, it’s been important to stay informed without allowing the news to become a weight on my shoulders.

The next lesson has been to find new outlets and activities. As we are only in the beginning stages of wave two of the coronavirus, it is definitely imperative to come to terms with this new way of life. Things don’t seem to be going back to the ways of the world pre-pandemic, so it’s time to find new permanent ways of doing things. Pre-pandemic, one of my favorite things to do was go sit alone at the bar. I also used to love going shopping and out with my friends. Since the start of this chaos, I’ve had to improvise as I’m sure we all have. I’ve found more joy in cooking and spending time with my family now that we all have so much free time. I’ve also started investing in a new reading library with a compilation of things from self-help books to fiction and non-fiction and even some sci-fi here and there.

We’ve all had to make major adjustments but this was honestly the pause on life that I needed. I go back to work in a few days and I’m actually looking forward to it. I have found that my need for a successful daily routine sits somewhere in the fact that I need the discipline that comes with things as simple as getting up to go to work on time everyday. Until I have the workload and discipline to do that on my own with my writing, I believe I need the schedule and consistency of my regular day job to get me more involved in my writing. I need the constant change of scenery (outside of my own home) to keep my mind fresh and my writing original.

I have made the most of this time in my life and that’s the final lesson that I’ve taken; make the most of every minute you get. I have come to understand that every minute doesn’t have to be productive to be full. There should be moments of rest and moments of luxury and moments of emotion along with moments of productivity. This “work til you die” thing is absurd. Being able to take a step back and indulge in things that aren’t work/money related is so critical to keeping a healthy balance in life. Immerse yourself in things that make your heart happy, things that please all of your senses and be content with knowing that the activities that bring you pleasure don’t have to be things that bring pleasure to everyone else. Live your life, enjoy it; we all got the same final destination, but how full will you make your journey?

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