Little Black Boy

Little black boy,

Eyes wide, skin still a light hue — 

You are not yet aware 

Of what the world has waiting for you. 

Little black boy,

Running around with toddler feet,

You still don’t understand 

That the world is no treat.

Little black boy,

Just starting the first grade,

You’re seeing now

The discrimination against your race.

Little black boy,

Well into the seventh year of school,

You are just starting to realize

That this country you live in is not so cool. 

Little black boy,

Now in your latter years,

You just watched what happens to your kind;

And now you sit with empty tears.

Little black boy,

You were just in the wrong place.

You happened to be standing there, 

They saw you skin,

They didn’t see your face.

Little black boy,

We bury you now,

Another name on the wall,

Another angel in the clouds.

Little black boy

This could’ve been your life,

But your mother was afraid

To put you through this strife.

Little black boy, 

You never made it to see a year — 

Your mother aborted you

Simply out of fear of having to raise,

a little black boy.

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