Are You Still Making Your Bed?

We’ve made it all the way to the middle of the first month of the rest of our lives. May was a month for refocusing, realigning, and rededicating ourselves to our lives and our goals. Me personally, I can say I have been slacking in certain areas. Some days I get so consumed with writing that I forget to work out, or I just don’t have the energy for it. This past week, I’ve been so caught up on the new projects that I’ve started, I’ve been neglecting my blog. I still have a lot to work on, but the motivation is still there.

It’s so easy to get distracted or brought down right now. The life we’re currently living is unprecedented and living through history can definitely be overwhelming for us. Things in the world seem to be getting worse before they get better. We’ve been looking down a dark hole for our country. Watching revolving issues reach pinnacle points, even this month on its own has unraveled a mass of upheaval.

The death of multiple innocent black citizens has caused more uproar across the nation, the unfair treatment towards hostile white while they protest the coronavirus regulations, and the states opening back up as cases are still at an influx has definitely been a whirlwind for the month of May. The thing is though, planning for the rest of your own life requires you to be able to stay knowledgeable of the things going on in the world and still keep up with the things you need to do to better your life.

I know quite a few people that gave me reviews on the post “May Starts a New Day”. Most people did say that they took word to my advice about baby steps and had originally committed to making their beds everyday. I do have to say that even though I’ve been lacking on other things, I am still making my bed. I use that as the way to start my day, to remind myself to be productive and keep good energy. Making my bed used to be a thing that I really didn’t care much about. Back when I had no real responsibilities and when I had no plan and no big picture, it was easy to get up and leave my bed unmade. Now that I have a bigger picture to look at though, I can’t go a whole day without making my bed. Even if I sit in my bed all day to do my work, it still has to be made up when I first wake up in the morning.

That’s the thing about taking steps though, you may not know exactly how you’re going to reach your endgame, but if you can make a habit out of something simple, then you can train and discipline yourself to be prepared when the bigger things start coming along. So yes, there have been many distractions to arise this month. Yes, life happens and doesn’t stop happening just because we finally decide to try to take the reigns. Yes, there are days that don’t go as we wish, but the point is to keep managing the things we have control over. I’m writing almost everyday; I’m working out as I remember to make time for it; I wash my dishes without letting them pile too high in the sink; I fold my clothes as soon as I take them out the dryer.

I’m still working on things; I’m still trying to become consistent in everything. One thing is for sure though, everyday I get up, I’m still making my bed. Are you?

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