Let’s Talk Suspense: Can You Find the Dangerous Lies?

As coronavirus cases and anxieties rise, many of us are still cautiously awaiting sanity in the comfort of our homes. This means that we have been doing a lot of the same things: a whole lot of nothing. In this excessive downtime, I’m sure we have all exhausted our normal list of things to watch on Netflix and other streaming services. As of recently, I’ve been looking for new things to indulge in, things that may not have gained so much exposure as headliners on Netflix.

A close friend of mine suggested that I watch “Dangerous Lies”, a movie she said she enjoyed, but couldn’t quite figure out. It’s essentially a movie about a young girl that inherits the house and belongings of the elderly man she had been taking care of for a couple months. In the beginning, we find out about her life and relationship just prior to becoming the sitter of dear Mr. Leonard, the wealthy man who’s house main character, Katie, inherits.

There is a lot of ambiguity in this movie, a lot of things that are left up for you to depict and figure out on your own. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but if you’re the kind of person that enjoys building suspense, unanswered questions, and plot twists, I do believe this is the movie for you.

Young couple Katie and her husband Adam, find themselves intertwined in mystery, secrets, and police investigations; every one trying to figure out how exactly Katie inherited everything and what to do about the issues and questions that keep coming up. We find out that the house has more than just nice pictures and a beautiful garden. With an eager real estate agent, a suspicious detective, and a sudden death, this movie definitely gives a consistent twisty turn of events.

I do believe this is a great movie to watch if you’re on a hunt for something new. I can definitely say that this is a movie you’ll need to be paying attention to. This is a film that requires an open mind and a love for solving mystery. If you think you fit that description, then this movie may be one for you.

One thought on “Let’s Talk Suspense: Can You Find the Dangerous Lies?

  1. This do sound like the type of movie l enjoy watching so yes ill grab a bag of popcorn tonight and let you know my thoughts of it

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