Is It True Crime?

I have a newfound love for true crime. I been looking into new things to get into, and I stumbled across some true crime docuseries. I started looking for the books that correspond to the show and I have literally FALLEN IN LOVE! I just been looking and reading everything about serial killers and true crime and suspense. I am so fond of this genre.

I’ve always been on the fence about true crime; reluctantly thinking that I would be inviting the same energies into my own life as those of the killers. Energies are real and the transfer of them between mediums, including TV, are real. If and when I watch the documentaries, I always have to use another show or movie to get me to sleep or to relax.

However it goes, I have definitely been entailed to share my recent love affair between me and true crime. I’ve researched all kinds of people, Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy, Frank Sheerman, everybody I could find. The biography website actually has good recaps of the events of the killers. I have just been completely consumed, deaf to the world kind of thing, in reading about the minds and works of all these people.

I’m not saying that I actually agree with or condone any of their actions, but I can say that studying the way that they think, or their perceived thought processes, is frankly such a rush of adrenaline for me. I firmly believe that people only do as much as they think is acceptable, but that doesn’t bring validity to the fact that there had to be something wrong with their processes, that made them do the things they did.

Serial killers, murderers, abusers, I always believe have some sort of reason for their action. Somewhere in their thoughts, they tell themselves that the things they do are acceptable or redeemable. Something, or someone, in their head, led them to believe that it was okay to do the things that they did and participate in the things that they took part in. Reading about this kind of stuff has definitely given me so much insight on the different, yet fundamental, ways that people make decisions.

I’m definitely not claiming true crime as my niche, but I definitely will say that this new exploration for variety has been treating me well.

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