A Poem to Outside

outside, do you miss me too?

are you longing to see me like im longing to see you?

I’m sure you can go without the rest of the world,

the other people don’t appreciate you.

they treat you like a garbage can.

they dispose of themselves onto you surfaces,

and not to say that I am perfect in any way,

but i don’t treat you near as harshly.

and outside, i miss you;

i miss your touch, i miss your smell,

i miss walking into your ambiance.

i miss the feel of the sun’s warm rays;

the cool breeze of the night wrapping itself on my exposed body as i stand lines.

i miss standing in lines!

but this is supposed to be your detox, your break from us,

our break from you.

but it’s a break, and all breaks come to an end.

in the meantime, though, know that i miss you,

and i can’t wait to be constantly with you again.

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