I Need to Find a Niche

I’m in a tough space lately. I talked to a friend and really decided it’s time for me to get it together. I’ve started reading blogs and looking for books that I can read for self-development. I’ve found a lot of really great advice on the internet and I’m waiting on my books to come in. One thing that has been consistent though is the fact that every site and every article has mentioned needing a niche, needing a thing that I am passionate writing about.

The thing is, I just like to write. I like to write about everything. If someone gives me something to write about, I can write. I just really enjoy writing, so how do I decide on a single niche? I am passionate about talking points, things like politics and movies and other people’s writings. I really enjoy doing interviews and learning different perspectives, but I just don’t know how to choose a niche from those things.

I thought about trying to channel just one thing, but I just love everything! I literally can’t think of anything that I don’t like to read/write about. There are certain areas I am more critical of, things like sci-fi and biographies and even black film, but I’m always so open to finding the good stuff in the bad. 

 Maybe I should try to focus on reviews. In this quarantine, I’ve been watching a lot of television and I plan to indulge in quite a few books very soon. Maybe that’ll be my niche, reviews. Not necessarily in the light of being a “critic”, but more in, “this is what it was for me”.

I think that’s what I’m going to try to do. i’m just going to test out a bunch of different niches and see which one really resonates with me. The whole time though, I’ll keep up with writing reviews of everything that I get into and how I like each different thing. I’m going to start with Netflix though, just because I have it on and I’ve been having it on a lot. So I’ll be getting started soon, and I’ll keep updating.  

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