Who am I?

There are literally an unimaginable number of things that go on every second of every day. Every person has a life and every life has a purpose; unfortunately for most of is, we haven’t found out what that purpose is yet. Personally, I’m torn between where I feel I should be in my life and where I currently am; a struggle that is common for those in their early twenties.

As a quick run down and introduction, I’m Celena, founder of CeeTeagan. This is my blog page, but I love writing. I’m in the process of editing my first book and writing my second one. I made this page as a way to talk about my journey inclusive of my downfalls and come ups. I wanted a platform for people to be able to follow me other than the classic social media. All readers can like, comment, share, and contact me through this site. This is a safe place for me and my audiences. The goal is to stay as active as I can on here which includes weekly posts and staying fluid with those that do contact me.

This is a rough patch in my life. My writing is my exhale through all the things I’m faced with. I, like most people, am just trying to make it in this big, cold world. I fall short and flat on my face sometimes, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ready to embrace all that life throws at me and share this roller-coaster ride with those willing to ride with me. Every second is filled with billions of people making billions of choices, in this second, this moment, I choose me. I choose to further my opportunities, to expand my views, to fine tune my talents, and to chase my dreams. What you choose to do now, will potentially build you into forever; what will you do?

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