No story is new, but imagination and experience make it yours. That’s the objective here; on this blog, all the stories aren’t new, all of them aren’t even originally mine, but all of them can be yours. I plan to grow the name “Ceeing You Through” as a safe space; not just for myself and other birth workers, but for my readers and clients as well.

Let this be your safe space to learn, laugh, cry, and discuss everything. Allow yourself the chance to agree and disagree freely and openly. I thank you now for your support; for all the comments and conversations we will have. I thank you for being my inspiration and motivation. I thank you for your understanding and sincerity; and most importantly, thank you for sharing this growing experience with me.

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Who Are We?

I am Celena Martin, a certified birth and postpartum doula based in the metro-Atlanta. I offer virtual and travel services to those outside of my area. My focus is on promoting and protecting the sacred space that is birthing in black families. As work can be limited to a time constraint as a doula, I have decided to share my journeys, motivations, and truths with you all here on my blog site. I hope you come to know me well in this safe space!

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  • The Test Is Positive, What Now?
    Hello, welcome back an Happy Transition Tuesday! The point of this feature is to help people navigate through planning, pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood. I feel like a great place to start this conversation is where (for most people) the conversation starts; a positive pregnancy test. So what do you do when the ClearBlue line becomesContinue reading “The Test Is Positive, What Now?”
  • Getting Back Into Things
    It has been too long! 245 days have passed since the time that I last posted on here and honestly, I’ve missed it. Things have been HECTIC! Life has shifted so much and there have been multiple levels of transition and elevation and growth. So since things have changed so much since our last interactionContinue reading “Getting Back Into Things”
  • Learn to Let Go
    Good morning peoples!!! Here we are at another beautiful Monday; the sun is out, the temperature is nice, and we’re all alive so thank the Lord for that! I’m not sure where everyone is located, but this past week here as just been full of storms and winds and all kinds of crazy, flip-flopping weather.Continue reading “Learn to Let Go”

Monday Morning Motivation

“What do we do about the days where we don’t have the motivation to do anything except wake up, be grateful, and go back to sleep?”

Tune in to find out

Celena Tenice


i always knew that losing a person would hurt 
but i didn’t know love could feel the same way until i started loving you 
i love you so much it pains me. 
i have loved you and lost you and loved you again. 


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