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No story is new, but imagination and experience make it yours. That’s the objective here; on this blog, all the stories aren’t new, all of them aren’t even originally mine, but all of them can be yours. I plan to grow the name “Cee Teagan” into a safe creative space; not just for myself and other writers, but for my readers as well.

Let this be your safe space to learn, laugh, cry, and discuss everything. Allow yourself the chance to agree and disagree freely and openly. I thank you now for your support; for all the comments and conversations we will have. I thank you for being my inspiration and motivation. I thank you for your understanding and sincerity; and most importantly, thank you for sharing this growing experience with me.

About Cee Teagan

Who Are We?

A writer, content producer, and life time creative, I am Celena Tenice, founder and CEO of Cee Teagan. Most people only know me as a writer/blogger but after taking up my passion full time in 2021, I have put on many other hats. I have been learning and growing as a small business owner and small business marketing agent. This being said, I have expanded Cee Teagan into a marketing house where I can teach other’s to be successful in their writing, planning, and online presence.

Monday Morning Motivation

“What do we do about the days where we don’t have the motivation to do anything except wake up, be grateful, and go back to sleep?”

Tune in to find out

Celena Tenice


i always knew that losing a person would hurt 
but i didn’t know love could feel the same way until i started loving you 
i love you so much it pains me. 
i have loved you and lost you and loved you again. 


Just a glimpse of the world through my lens 🙂


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    It’s Monday again, woohoo! Good morning (or whatever time it is when you read this) to all. I hope everybody enjoyed their weekends. I know you all had to have started it off well by listening to my latest podcast episode. I really didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. Friday was a bit busy,Continue reading “Making Changes”
  • New Year, New Mojo
    Good morning, afternoon, evening; whatever time it is that you’re reading this. I’m so excited to be back! This year, it’s really going to be mostly gas and few brakes! (realistically, this year will be full of ups and downs and there need to be some brakes in order to keep up and remain sane.)Continue reading “New Year, New Mojo”
  • trouble on the home front
    the craziest shit i ever seenhappened the other day on live stream.a federal building under attack,by white folks wearing maga hats,and what in the fuck was i looking at?terrorists, i mean trumpers, no terrorists, inside capitol hill.the media showed people breaking windows and climbing walls;i’m sure these were the same people screaming “build the wall!”peopleContinue reading “trouble on the home front”


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